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The ARVAJ Inn is located in the picturesque setting above the Kokra river canyon. Its diverse offer also includes the best Carniolan sausage (a Slovenian speciality – orig.: Kranjska klobasa), which has been exquisitely skewed since 1896.

A large part of our offer is based on local manufacturers and homemade meat products – for which we were awarded the trademark Gostilna Slovenije.

Why is there only one true Carniolan sausage (orig.; Kranjska klobasa)?

It is made using the finest Slovenian pork meat and does not include any additives – except for nitrite salt. That is why it represents a Slovenian culinary speciality which is part of the highest Slovenian heritage. The Carniolan sausage (orig.: Kranjska klobasa) is a symbol of traditional Slovenian culinary - that we are proud of.

Why “Tied and tasty since 1896”

One of the oldest written notes regarding the Carniolan sausage (orig.; Kranjska klobasa) was made in 1896 by Katherine Prato in the cook book “Suddeutche Kuche”.

In this book the cooking method for this Slovenian speciality is described. The oldest recipe for making and preparing the Carniolan sausage (orig.: Kranjska klobasa) – which is recognised for its wooden skewers – was published in 1912. The Carniolan sausage (orig.: Kranjska klobasa) was developed in the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in the beginning of the 19th century. It originates from the geographical area of the Carniola region. It spread from there to the remaining Slovenian provinces. Numerous butchers stocked markets all the way to Vienna.

Which Franz exclaimed: “This is not an ordinary sausage, but a Carniola sausage!” Franc Jožef.

The following anecdote is very telling about the reputation of this speciality. Once a man rode a carriage from Vienna to Trieste and stopped in the famous roadside Inn in Carniola. He wanted to dine well and asked the inn-keeper about the specials. The man ordered the sausage and when he tried it, he enthusiastically said:

“This is not an ordinary sausage, but a Carniola sausage!”

How did the Carniola sausage become world-famous?

The Slovenians took it with them when they emigrated around the world and made it world-renowned. In the German world it is known under the name Krainer Wurst, and in the Anglo-American world as the Koz Kransky sausage. The Slovenian producers of the Carniola sausage therefore decided to make it a protected product with the geographical mark, and thereby once again enabled its well-deserved excellency status.

The menu is prepared in cooperation with local manufacturers.

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